Sand Management

Sand Management - Desanding Hydrocyclones

The EnSep ENS range of desanding hydrocylones have been developed to tackle sand production, particularly for protection of downstream equipment and produced water reinjection applications.  


Developed in house, the EnSep ENS range combines optimum separation efficiency and capacity:

  • ENS25 for fine particle removal for produced water reinjection.  Our highest particle removal efficiency cyclone (typical d98 <5 micron)
  • EN50 for produced water desanding, and sand cleaning.  Designed to be suitable for most standard offshore applications (typical d98 <10 micron)
  • EN80 for coarser sand removal, particularly suitable for equipment protection.  (typical d98 <25 micron)


  • Range covering virtually all potential applications
  • Can be retrofitted into existing Pressure Vessels
  • No moving parts
  • Liners available as standard in alumina ceramic, with an option for RBSC for very highly erosive applications


  • Downstream equipment protection
  • Produced water reinjection, with sand management and sand removal <5 micron
  • Sand cleaning for overboard disposal, or bag collection and transport onshore, cleaned to an oil on sand level of <0.5% by weight

Sand Management - Wellhead Desanding Cylones

EnSep Wellhead Desanders are available as both single and multi-cyclone inserts mounted in pressure vessels and are an essential part of sand management, designed to handle full wellhead multiphase flows from 0 to 100% gas void fraction at wellhead pressures up to 15,000 psi.


Single Insert Vessels

  • Simple, robust design
  • Insert sizes from 3” to 12”
  • Best for high gas void fractions
  • Suitable for high solids concentrations (up to 15% by weight for larger units)
  • Suitable for coarser sand removal (up to 50 mm diameter with typical d98 <50 micron)

Multi-Cyclone Vessels

  • Single cartridge with multiple 2” or 3” diameter cyclone liners
  • Best for low gas void fractions
  • Suitable for lower solids concentrations (up to 0.5% by weight for larger units)
  • Suitable for finer sand removal (up to 500 micron with typical d98 <20 micron)


  • Range covering virtually all potential applications.
  • Multi-cyclone cartridges can be retrofitted into existing single insert vessels to improve solids removal efficiency.
  • No moving parts.
  • Compact, robust design, with superior erosion resistance.


  • Proppant / frac sand removal
  • Downstream equipment and pipeline protection
  • Underbalanced drill cuttings removal
  • Well test clean up
  • Reactivation of sand constrained wells
  • Produced water reinjection, with sand removal <5 micron

Sand Management - EnSep Sand Fluidiser


The EnSep Sand Fluidiser is an on-line vessel solids removal device, providing a cost effective, low maintenance method of solids fluidisation and onward transportation to resolve sand management issues.


  • On-line sand removal
  • Can be retrofitted into existing Pressure Vessels
  • No moving parts
  • The modular manifold design provides solids transportation solutions for virtually any diameter and length vessel
  • Can be supplied in a variety of materials of construction – stainless, duplex / super duplex & Inconel

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